SMBO Rules

MBO Event Rules

Mountain Bike Orienteering is a young sport and the aim is to keep the rules to a minimum but achieve good public relations, safety and fairness.

The rules are:

1) Observe the Highway and Countryside Codes meticulously, particularly;

a) By passing walkers and horse riders slowly and courteously

b) By leaving all gates as you find them

c) By not climbing walls or hedges

2) The use of Out of Bounds paths, tracks and areas during the competition will result in disqualification from the event.

3) You must stick to the paths, tracks and roads marked on the map. The penalty for “cutting through” is disqualification from the event.

4) Ride with the aim to leave no trace so avoid skidding and leave no litter.

5) Do not do anything you would regard as cheating if done by others.

6) Teams MUST keep in voice contact (50m) at all times, including control sites and finish. The penalty for split control visits is 50% of the total score.

7) You MUST report to the finish – even if you retire.

8) The following equipment must be carried;

a) a roadworthy and well maintained bike

b) a cycling helmet – Cycling ANSI, BSI, Snell (not climbing or canoeing) which must be worn at all times

c) a first aid kit of at least a large wound dressing and bandage

d) a puncture repair kit, pump and simple tool kit

e) a waterproof/windproof jacket

f) food and drink for 3 hours

g) a whistle

h) a compass

i) a bell (to warn other trail users of your approach)

j) a mobile phone

9) Competitors must offer help to other competitors who are injured or in need of assistance. Compensation for time lost will be at the discretion of the organisers.

10) If a control is missing or located in the wrong place do not waste time looking for it. Notify the organiser at the end of the event. If this is confirmed you will be credited with the points.

11) Any dispute will be adjusted/decided by the organisers. Any appeal may/will be adjusted by the BMBO committee.

Tie Breaking

In the event of two competitors in the same class gaining the same score, the following tie breaking system will be used;

1) Greatest number of high scoring controls,

2) Visited the most check points (and back within the time limit)

3) Competitor not incurring penalties

4) Earliest starter.

Time Penalties

The penalty deductions for lateness are;

1 to 5 minutes late: 1 point per minute

6 to 10 minutes late: 2 points per minute

11 to 20 minutes late: 5 points per minute

21 to 30 minutes late: 10 points per minute

More than 30 minutes late: All points lost.